Bonora Rountree consultants are dedicated to the highest level of service to our clients, drawing on the wisdom we have gained through decades of social science research and trial experience. We listen; we learn; we contribute; we collaborate. At every point in the litigation process, we work to develop successful trial strategy and effective communication with juries, bringing fresh ideas to the table. We approach our work with an unwavering commitment to excellence, creativity, and results.



Bonora Rountree strives to further procedural justice and fair trials for all by contributing our knowledge and skills in the areas of venue, voir dire procedures, and jury instructions.



Our mission includes giving voice in the legal community to the real-life experiences and needs of jurors. Whether they are grappling with complex technology or contracts, issues of life and death, or the fates of companies, jurors provide a vital service to our society. We support efforts to improve jurors’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities and to enhance their experiences in the legal system.